Financial Tools - iSAVvy Foreign Currency Time Deposit e-Calculator

This e-Calculator is specially designed to help you determine the SGD equivalent,
the interest earned and the breakeven rate at maturity* of your foreign currency time deposit.

Simply select the currency type, the placement period and key in the investment amount. Then click

Currency Type
   USD     GBP     AUD     NZD     EUR 
Placement Period
   1 month     2 months     3 months     6 months     12 months 
Principal Investment (in foreign currency)    
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  1. The e-Calculator is provided for information and general use only. The rates used in the calculation are indicative and not to be used for transaction.
  2. Actual rates will be quoted when making your iSAVvy Foreign Currency Time Deposit placements via
  3. The rates are for your reference only.
  4. Foreign currency investments are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates with either the possibility of profit or the risk of loss. Please note that principal amount of investment can also be eroded.
  5. Maybank does not represent or warrant that the information or results from the e-Calculator are complete, accurate or adequate and Maybank shall not be liable to any person for any loss or liability suffered by that person as a result of his reliance on such information or results.

* Breakeven rate at maturity indicates the cost of investment if you hold the foreign currency time deposit to the maturity date. The breakeven rate also takes into consideration the potential interest that you would have earned if you had placed an equal amount in a SGD Time Deposit.