Maybank Green Pledge
  1. Water is a finite and irreplaceable resource that is an essential natural resource for life. I will:
    • minimise the usage of bathtubs and take shorter showers;
    • install a low-flow showerhead and water taps to minimise unnecessary wastage of water;
    • run the washing machine only under full load instead of half load.

  2. Waste minimisation can be achieved by reducing, reusing and recycling, this helps to conserve limited natural resources and reduce the space needed for waste disposal facilities. I will:
    • separate recyclables from rubbish and place recyclables in the recycle bin;
    • bring reusable bags when shopping instead of using plastic bags to reduce plastic waste;
    • donate pre-loved items such as clothes, furniture and small household items;
    • buy re-useable products instead of disposable ones.

  3. Cutting down on energy consumption reduces the amount of electricity that power plants have to generate, subsequently reducing the amount of fossil fuels that are burned and greenhouse gas emissions. I will:
    • use a fan whenever possible and if I need to use the air-conditioner, to set my air-conditioner's temperature settings to 25°C;
    • replace conventional light bulbs with energy-savings LED bulbs. LED bulbs use up less electricity and can last longer, making them cost effective;
    • switch off or unplug all electrical devices when not in use;
    • replace old electrical appliances with energy-efficient ones;
    • use air-drying instead of a dryer for drying of wet clothes.
By taking the Maybank Green Pledge, I commit to make these positive changes in my everyday life.
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